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A Reflective Poem

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Being a Mary Washington Student | Mike Messina - Twitter


As I enter my last semester, I can’t help but to reflect, 

I have a lot of fond memories and a list of regrets.

I know getting a degree isn’t about the time it takes,

and not getting out in four is because of my own mistakes.

I understand that life is not a race,

I’ve always been the type to set my own pace.

I like walking to the beat of my own drum,

but it’s been so hard trying to find a rhythm.

I envy everyone who is in love with their school,

I think loving where you learn is so powerful.

There was a time when I loved math, now I hate it,

I want to do things that are more creative.

I have officially changed my major, twice,

there was a lack of options so Math would suffice.

I don’t like the fact that I felt I had to settle,

I always thought I would do something special.

There were times when I considered transferring too, 

maybe I would join a sorority at an HBCU.

I feel stuck in a major that I don’t want to use,

I can’t wait for the day that I can finally break loose.

I know I will be successful regardless of any doubt,

I just wish I didn’t want to constantly drop out.

I am either very behind or far ahead of the game,

I mean, that’s just how I look at things.

As I look back there’s some things that I would do differently,

I can’t change the past, but I wonder what could be.

So, what would I do to make these years my best? 

I would start by studying more and trying to sleep less.

I would join more clubs and go to more events. 

I would take more risks and forget about suspense.

I would probably still sit in the back of the class,

but if I had a question, I would make sure I asked.

I would sit out on Ball Circle to get some more sun. 

I would participate in the underwear run.

I would take advantage of my free gym membership. 

I would spend Fall break on the Freedom Rides trip.

I would study abroad during the Summer and Spring.

I would put more effort into finding my “thing”.

I would make calls to my family a little bit more. 

I would apply to be a RISE mentor.

I would do more things out of my normal. 

I would go with my friends to the spring formal.

I would put a group together and perform for lip-sync.

I would be mindful of the way I think.

I would spend less time holding on to my phone.

I would put my time with friends before being alone.

I would enter the president’s lottery dinner.

I would hang out more in the multicultural center.

I would stop looking for love and let it find me. 

I would drink more water instead of coffee.

I wouldn’t quit softball because I know I will miss it. 

It feels like the field is the only one who listens.

I wouldn’t start my assignments the day they are due.

I would use my weekends to try something new.

I wouldn’t listen to the people who tell me to keep going on.

I would take a break when I know I need one.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I was a complete imbecile.

Everything was not abysmal.

I mean, I practically went to college for free.

I jumped in the fountain during STP.

Freshman year I saw a live hypnotist.

I won a TV once at midnight breakfast.

I have a plethora of Mary Wash T-shirts.

I met Waka Flocka after the spring concert.

I toured the headquarters of the CIA.

I went to the Kennedy center where I watched a play.

I saw Bryce Harper in the Nat’s stadium.

I gave a presentation at a school symposium.

I witnessed black Greek life at the annual step shows.

I ate at Seacobeck before it closed.

I traveled to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

I met lifelong friends whom I see as pure.

I dined at the Famous Ben’s Chili Bowl.

I attended a Gospel Fest that touched my soul.

I experienced all this while being a Mary Washington student.

I just wish my happy times were more consistent.

I don’t expect anything to be all rainbows and sunshine.

We all have different perspectives, I just wanted to share mine.

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