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Cocktail Column – Alcoholic Arnold Palmer with Bingo Ice Cubes inspired by UMW Bingo

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Surprise your friends with bingo ice cubes in a cocktail |

By Emilia Michalkiewicz


Bingo is a very popular event at UMW. I remember my first game like it was yesterday. It was just before winter break my freshman year, so the prizes were Christmas themed. I got lucky and won a giant hollow Hershey’s Kiss, and one of my friends won an inflatable weiner dog in a Santa outfit. It was so much fun. Of course, when I tell people outside of the UMW community that one of the most popular events on campus is the weekly bingo games, I get funny looks. But, I honestly don’t think there is anything more reflective of UMW than a bunch of college kids getting way too into a game of bingo. 


This recipe is a bit more involved than the previous cocktails, but the payoff is a super fun and creative drink that will impress your friends. This recipe can be done with any flavors. I worked with what I had on hand, so I made an alcoholic Arnold Palmer with lemonade ice cubes. In each ice cube are smaller letter and number ice cubes that I dyed a darker yellow. This could be done with a variety of flavors to make a cocktail to suit any taste. The tray I used made the letter and number ice the perfect size to place in normal ice cubes, but you could also get a larger tray and use the letters and numbers as the ice. 

The first step to make this cocktail is to make the letter and number ice cubes. To do this you will need food dye and a silicone candy mold (I found mine on Amazon but some craft stores have candy molds as well). 

Simply mix the food dye into some water and fill the candy molds with the mixture. I used a small plastic syringe since my mold was smaller. You could also use whatever juice or mixer you are putting in the cocktail to make these. For example, I could have made the letters and numbers out of lemonade and then put them in ice cubes that were just water.

While the letters and numbers freeze, fill an ice cube tray partially with whatever liquid you would like. I decided to use lemonade instead of water so as the ice cubes melt they add flavor to the drink. You can simply use water if you would like, but make sure whatever you use is clear enough you can see the letters and numbers through it. Put that in the freezer to freeze while the letters and numbers are setting. 

Once everything is frozen, gently pop the letters and numbers out of the mold and place them on top of each ice cube. Top the ice cubes off and freeze them so the letters and numbers are frozen onto the tops of each ice cube. 

For some added fun, you could put specific combinations that traditionally elicit fun responses, such as “B10, Ben 10;” “B5, Boron;” “B4, Before what?;” and “O66, Get your kicks!”

After the ice cubes are done you are ready to assemble your cocktail. To make the alcoholic Arnold Palmer, take equal parts of your favorite iced tea and lemonade and add an ounce of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka to it and stir it together.

If you have one, you could also use a cocktail shaker and shake the ingredients with ice then strain it into the glass with the bingo ice cubes.

And there you have it! A fun bingo themed drink that can be done in a variety of flavors and colors for any time of year or taste.

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