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A take on viral ghost photoshoots

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A ghost standing on the amphitheater steps, lonely. | Hannah Unger


Staff Photographer

A popular TikTok trend has gone viral again, starting this year’s spooky season off strong with people dressing up as ghosts. But the difference is people aren’t just wearing ghost costumes for Halloween anymore: they’re wearing them whenever and wherever they want. To the grocery store, the movies or even restaurants, people are taking photos dressed as ghosts everywhere. The ghost photoshoots trend began near the end of the summer and has grown in popularity with Halloween around the corner. It’s an easy, fun fall activity and only costs a couple bed sheets, a phone and friends. From rainbow colored sheets to plain white ones, many people have taken this trend and put their own twist on it, even adding accessories like hats and sunglasses. 

The photographs presented are an example of a ghost photoshoot in locations throughout Fredericksburg, and they give an accurate depiction of the viral TikTok trend that has white sheets flying off the shelves. It also shows that any place can be used for a photoshoot, and any items around work well as props for shoots. They were shot on  UMW’s campus, in Target and the streets of Downtown Fredericksburg. The photographs were taken at these different locations but are not limited to only places like these, there are many environments and spots other than the ones shown, displaying the versatility this photoshoot can take on. This trend rolled in just in time for boo season and is easy to do with little preparation, so grab those white sheets off the shelves before they disappear with all the ghosts.

A ghost finally content with its ice cream assortment.
A ghost debating whether two bottles or one will be enough for the night.
A ghost couple has found their midnight snacks for the night.
A ghost taking a break and stargazing outside Target.
A ghost couple riding in a shopping cart, on their way home.
A ghost getting ready to longboard to the bell tower.
Two ghosts chillin’ on a campus bench, people watching.
A ghost standing in front of the bell tower, waiting for humans to pass by.
Two ghosts resting on the amphitheater steps.
A ghost stopping on a crosswalk, spooking cars along the way.
A ghost stealing a traffic cone.
Ghosts sitting and resting on the street.
Ghosts running back home.

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