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3D Yarn Pumpkins

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Make cheap fall decorations in the comfort of your own home | Kaitlin Laskowski


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The end of the semester can be very stressful. Personally, I found that crafts and DIYs are a great way to relieve stress, and they are also fun to do with friends. Since it is the fall season, a great craft to try is the 3D Yarn Pumpkin. This craft is fun to do and fairly simple to make. It also makes a really cool decoration to use in your home or dorm.


For the 3D Yarn pumpkin you will need orange and green yarn, Mod Podge, balloons and a cup. Tape and a sponge brush are optional but make the craft a lot easier and cleaner. Also, protect your work surface because mod podge can be messy.

First step:

Blow up your balloon to your desired size, a larger balloon is easier to wrap with yarn. Place the balloon on the cup with the nozzle of the balloon facing up. The cup will hold the balloon up off the work surface and creates a flat bottom for the pumpkin. If you have tape, tape the balloon to the cup. Tie the orange yarn to the nozzle of the balloon and wrap the balloon in the yarn. Completely cover the balloon in yarn, leaving little gaps to see the balloon.

Second Step:

Next put the Mod Podge onto the yarn. You can use your fingers, just make sure the yarn soaks up the adhesive. I found that using a sponge brush is easier, since Mod Podge is hard to wash off your hands. Dab Mod Podge over the yarn making sure all the yarn is saturated with the adhesive. 

Third Step:

Afterwards, take the green yarn and wrap it a few times around the top of the balloon and then around the nozzle. Cover the green yarn with Mod Podge and leave the string to dry. Allow the pumpkin to dry overnight or for 24 hours.

Fourth Step:

When the yarn is fully hardened, carefully massage the balloon to remove the yarn. When most of the yarn is removed from the balloon, pop the balloon. Carefully remove the balloon from the pumpkin, if any yarn is still damp, allow the pumpkin to dry a little longer.

Last Step: 

Decorate the pumpkin by filling it with string lights or a fake tea candle, so the light shines through the yarn, illuminating the pumpkin.

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