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Exploring Fredericksburg

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Fredericksburg has countless areas to visit an relax, whether it be in town or by the water | Matthew Simmons


Staff Photographer

I have always enjoyed starting my mornings off by the river reading a book or writing in a journal. Over the last couple of years I have used this as a way to keep myself from being overwhelmed with the pace of life, which only gets faster with time. With new restrictions placed on university housing, seeking an escape outdoors has become even more important to me. Every time I visit the river, I try to find a new spot to explore or relax by. Whether it’s a tiny cove of trees or a perfect set of rocks to lay out on, no visit is exactly the same. I decided to bring my camera along with me for some of these trips, hoping to capture the essence of what I have been able to find.

Skyline view of downtown Fredericksburg from River Road.
A church off of Carter St.
A trail off of River Road leading to a chain of interlocking trees.
Fresh Seafood shop that stands along W Cambridge St.
A view of the river and bridge lookout on Ingleside Drive.
Telephone wires looking over the river running parallel to Riverside Drive.
Junior Anna Sullivan enjoying quiet time in a spot found off of the Riverside Trail.
The autumn sun shining through leaves in a Riverside Trail spot.

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