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Iced coffee is better than hot

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Iced coffee comes in a variety of flavors and varieties. There are many perks to drinking iced coffee over hot. | Thomas Vimare/@vimarethomas on Unsplash


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Iced coffee has become increasingly popular, especially after quarantine trends such as whipped coffee from Tik Tok. Social Media Influencer Charli D’Amelio even has her own iced coffee drink at Dunkin Donuts. According to a study by Dunkin Donuts, about 80 percent of iced coffee drinkers said they are ordering more iced coffee now than they had in the year prior. Iced is the superior way to take coffee in terms of convenience, even health benefits and safety.

“I like iced coffee better,” said junior communication major Jillian Lawrence. “I don’t feel like falling asleep after drinking it. The warmness [of hot coffee] makes me want to curl up and snooze.”

One may think that colder months would increase the popularity of hot coffee, but in the same study done by Dunkin Donuts, 56 percent of coffee drinkers said they will choose iced coffee over hot even during the winter months. 

“[Iced coffee] is calmer on your digestive system so you’re less likely to have an upset stomach after drinking your cup of joe cold,” said Dr. Maheinthan Yogeswaran, a general practitioner with Medicspot, in an interview with Bustle

Hot coffee gives the consumer the chance of burns on your tongue or skin if spilled. For busy college students, iced coffee seems to be the most practical option. The warning label that reads, “Caution: Contents Hot” on coffees from places such as McDonalds and Starbucks may seem unnecessary, but comes from the 1994 court case Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants. An accidental coffee spill almost cost the company $3 million, after 74-year-old Stella Liebeck spilled the coffee into her lap and suffered third degree burns. If the coffee Liebeck ordered had been iced, this would not have been an issue. 

Iced coffee is also more convenient to make at home. All that you need to make a cold brew is a mason jar and something to strain out the coffee grounds. Making coffee this way will keep it good to consume for 7-10 days, according to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Hot coffee is supposed to be consumed the same day it was brewed, or within three to four days if put in the refrigerator. 

According to The National Coffee Association, coffee makes up 22 percent of drinks consumed by college students. Additionally, 52.4 percent of college students choose coffee as their “pick-me-up” drink of choice.

At Mary Washington, students have the option to go to Panera, Katora or certain vending machines to get their iced coffee fix. 

“Out of the options we have, Panera has the best iced coffee and it’s a lot stronger than Katora,” said junior physics major Zoe Rafter.

Taking your coffee iced is the superior way according to science and popular opinion. More coffee drinkers are ordering their drinks iced than in years prior, showing iced coffee’s growing popularity. 

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